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Walk the Seawall to the Lighthouse
One of the best views of the old port and Chania's old town can be found by taking a pleasant walk along the Venetian seawall to the famous 19th-century lighthouse. The walk takes about 20 minutes and it will take you by some of the main sights in the old port, including the Kioutsouk Hasan mosque (Giali Tzami), castle of Firka and the Venetian Neoria Moro.

Although the lighthouse is not open to visitors, you can climb to the first base and enjoy the unique view of the port on the one side and the infinite blue on the other side.
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Folklore Museum of Chania – Cretan House
The Folklore Museum of Chania is located at the center of the old city of Chania, in Halidon Street, next to the Catholic church. It includes folklore and traditional exhibits that allow the visitor to have a representative picture of the way of life of older residents of island during the 18th and 19th century. Among others, in the museum is available a collection of tools, raw material of and products of traditional home handicraft, small industry and rural life. There are also representations of rural occupations, home arts, craft-based work as well as representations of the interior of a rural house. Interesting is the workshop of the museum that revives the Cretan embroidery art and where embroidery paintings are being created.
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Firkas Fortress
Firkas or Revellino del Porto is one of the most impressive Venetian fortresses which dominates at the northwestern side of Chania at the old port. It was built at the 16th century at a key position, protecting the harbor entrance. During the Turkish period Revellino was used as barrack (Firka = barrack), for that reason the name Firka is still used today. The Union of Crete with Greece in 1913 was celebrated at Firkas Fortress with the placement of the blue-and-white flag of Greece on its walls. Firkas Fortress has a panoramic view of the Venetian harbor of Chania and offers a great photo opportunity. The Maritime Museum of Crete is housed in the Firkas fortress.
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Old Town of Chania
The old town of Chania consists of dozens of picturesque alleys waiting to be discovered. The cobbled streets that combine both the Ottoman and Venetian architecture create an intimate and romantic atmosphere and are an ideal choice for walks.

They host local shops where you can find from traditional food and Mediterranean flavors to Cretan knives and handmade jewelry.
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Municipal Market of Chania
Chania Municipal Market is located in the center of Chania, in the heart of the city, where the main bastion of the fortifications stood in Venetian times. It is commonly known as the "Agora".

The Municipal Market is cross shaped and has four doors. Today at the building of the Municipal Market are hosted many shops that sell local products and souvenirs. The Municipal Market constitutes an architectural jewel for Chania and is one of the most impressive markets in Balkans.
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Magical Chania
Commercial activities, development and progress coexist harmoniously with traditional activities in this small town in the eastern Mediterranean. Maintaining the balance between the old and the new, Chania is a unique part of Crete that will turn your vacation into a relaxing life experience. Ideal for enjoying a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a short business trip, the stunning architecture and natural beauty of the whole area, will soothe the senses and refresh your soul.
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